The Origin Of Cyber Cosmos

Chapter 1

In the year 2070, the Great Celestial war occurred between the Earth and a human-like species from a star. The aliens, known as Stellans, had suddenly arrived and attacked the unsuspecting humans. This was the time the humans have learned the Cyber Cosmos, the universe they were unaware of, where advanced technologies, interstellar traveling, and cyber battles are done by other species.

For years, the humans were fighting against the Stellans. Unfortunately, they haven’t won because the hackers, who were getting smarter every day, were attacking their systems and security. To stop these attacks and become smarter than the hackers, they needed better tech and more people. Thus, the humans were forced to advance their technology in order to fight back. Creating weapons, spaceships, systems, and AI. In addition, they created a special force of IT specialists called Cyber warriors who would fight against the hackers.

In the end, after years of toiling, the humans have finally won and the Stellans retreated. Despite their planet being damaged by the war, the humans rebuilt and replaced the infrastructures and society, becoming more advanced and developed. Because of the fast progress of the new society, technology also boomed along with arts, military, and economy. The humans were thriving and soon, they began to interstellar travel, with explorers and Cyber Warriors on the front of the field.

Everyone wanted to be a part of the interstellar traveling project, and that includes Tala, a young woman who became a Cyber warrior a few years ago. Her dream was to be like her brother who traveled to space, ensuring the security of the explorers while handling maintenance, processing, and troubleshooting their systems in space. Sometimes, the Cyber warriors could even lend a hand and fight with the explorers when it gets too dangerous. To Tala, this job was an honor that she would be proud of.

However, there was one thing that didn’t sit right. The majority of the Cyber warriors who were sent to outer space were males. Her dream of seeing the stars and protecting Earth was held back as she and other women were assigned as in-land Cyber warriors on their planet. They were either producing content for military publications, signs, charts, and posters or posing for the camera.

The closest task connected to interstellar travel they could get was fixing broken equipment. Because of these circumstances, the Cyber field was dominated by men, and the female population was underrepresented. But despite this, Tala remained undeterred as she remembered a saying that was taught to her by her mother.

“Your name is Tala, which means ‘Star’. That’s why you should always shine bright and reach for the stars.”

This gave Tala the drive to travel outer space and be with the other Cyber warriors. The only thing that she needs was a chance. And the universe gave it to her.

After recuperating from the previous war, the Stellans had returned to get their revenge against the humans. They created a group of hackers to invade the computer system of the humans to conduct a surprise attack. The Cyber warriors in the mothership have been lax after years of peace, allowing the Stellans to bypass the system. The cybersecurity was compromised and all the explorers and Cyber specialists have been captured by the Stellans as hostages.

The humans were panicking when they discovered that their main forces had been captured, leaving their planet exposed to the Stellan hackers and attacks. Tala was devastated when she learned that her brother had been abducted as well. But instead of feeling helpless, Tala was determined to take the risk and save her brother. With a spirited heart, Tala marched to their headquarters and proposed an idea that shook the planet.

“Y-You want to create a group of Cyber warriors composed of women, who are knowledgeable in cybersecurity and fighting, to be sent outer space... to rescue the humans that were captured.” The higher-ups were confused and shocked.

“You women could be attacked! It’s too dangerous.”

“You cannot handle the pressure.”

“This mission will involve technical skills and practical ability.”

One by one, they voiced their concerns about the proposal of Tala. However, Tala isn’t the type to come unprepared and remain silent. With each question, she answered them confidently. She explained that cybersecurity and this mission aren’t just about computers and technology. It also requires human connection, communication, and technical tools. “Give us a chance to prove ourselves as women can be Cyber warriors as well.”

“We can bring a diverse perspective in cybersecurity. Not only for the mission but the field. Us women can bring something different to the table. If there was a woman in the mothership, maybe the attack would’ve been prevented as we tend to put a higher priority on risk management.”

The leaders were moved by Tala’s words and willpower and approved the project. With Tala at the forefront, she began to form a team that would change the perspective of society about women in the Cyber field. Naming the team ‘Cyber Astrans’ she began assembling a group of women in the field to join the operation in rescuing the hostages.

In addition, when she realized the number of women in the field was too small, she started recruiting women to train and join the Cyber field. Together they would face the problems in the mission and the challenges society might give. To defend Earth and to show the Cyber Cosmos what they are capable of.

“Let us reach for the stars as we, Astrans, prove that women are just as talented as the men in the field. If not, more.”